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Kaiyi Clothing has been in business for 15 years since its establishment. It can be described as 15 years of entrepreneurship, 15 years of ups and downs, and 15 years of harvest. From the initial start-up to the realization of group management, we have gone through a road of hard work and hard work. We thank all sectors of society for their great support and selfless care for Kaiyi, and for the hard-working employees who work hard in various positions!

Only by self-confidence and hard work can a person achieve his or her own achievements, especially for an enterprise. The sea of business is vast and thousands of boats compete. Self-confidence makes us more confident in this environment where competition and development coexist, opportunities and challenges coexist, and we strive to let us learn from down-to-earth and relentless pursuit. With these two points in the enterprise, they have taken root in development. It makes everyone in the enterprise shine a glorious light of humanity and wisdom in life and work, and makes our collaborators like us more confident to welcome the future. This is our wealth and our value. It is also our motivation and belief to provide every quality service to our customers. Excellent thoughts stem from excellent culture. "Keeping the heart for Kaiyi, for the followers, for the prosperity, for the prosperity, for the ascendance" is the principle and the goal that Kaiyi has always pursued, which is the corporate culture. The essence is Kaiyi's spiritual value system, and it is also the spiritual source that guides Kaiyi through ten years and continues to create the future. Kaiyi is working hard to create a platform for fair competition and meritocracy, so that people with both ethics and talents can realize the value of life. Create greater economic benefits and deliver more outstanding talents.
In the future, Kaiyi will continue to follow the trend, seize opportunities, change concepts, pioneer and innovate, nurture people with excellent culture, shape people with mature management, motivate people with superior salary, and work together with all Kaiyi colleagues to promote Kaiyi's greater development has created a new glory for the development of Kaiyi.

Chairman: He Zhiyun

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Jinyi City New District, Jinhua City

Jinhua City

Phone: +86 0579-82965777/82954555
Fax: +86 0579-82965080
Email: zjkaiyifs@163.com
Website: www.kaiyifs.com
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